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Malak fell to Revans power, the old dark lord of the sith grasping his old title once more, his great apprentice close to his side he asked her to try and maintain the sith order so that when he returned… an army would be waiting. Yet this never happened…

10 years have passed since he began his journey into the unknown regions. 5 since his apprentice followed his footsteps in search of her master and lover. But now she is back, under the true Dark Lord Of the Sith’s Orders, Bastila has returned to build an army for her master Lord Revan. The Jedi Order had fallen, now finally trickling back into power, and like starving Kathar’s the Sith turned on each other long ago to leave no one to heed Bastila’s call to arms. And so she must start a knew.

The last of the Jedi are moving quickly the order has began accepting many students their numbers now reaching Just over fifty Jedi, ten being Jedi Knights and Five Jedi Masters. With Bastila’s Re-kindling the flames of the Sith it is at Korriban she intends to re-instate the Sith Order. As Head Mistress she has re-built the academy clearing it of foul creatures and rebuilding its damaged structure so that she can teach new students only a small amount of Acolytes assisting her in her work. And so you have been called. You are force sensitives with a dangerous passion a wish for power for whatever reasons you wish for it.

Yet you know all of this training is not for nothing, the thing that stirs in the dark reeaches of space is coming with Revan only capable of holding the true sith back for a little longer before only those truly capable of using the force to it BFull/U Potential will be able to hold them off…


The Players will play as a group of students fresh from the blessed dew of life they have been accepted into the newly put together Sith Academy of Korriban. as they study hard and get stronger in their abilities each student will begin to learn of dark and ancient secrets used by Sith Lords Long Ago trying to pursue their own wish for power betrayal and blood thirst spread throughout the academy before an all to great old evil returns to the halls of the academy.

Path For Power